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Cadence CEO Nelson Chu Presents on Private Credit at AllianceBernstein’s US-China Business Alliance Conference

Leading global investment-management and research firm AllianceBernstein held its well attended US-China Business Alliance Conference in New York City on January 17. Invited as one of the select innovative startups to watch, Cadence CEO Nelson Chu delivered a compelling presentation to a highly knowledgeable crowd.

Experts in US-China relations including the AllianceBernstein Principal, Head of Family Offices in Asia, and the “Committee of 100” Governor were in attendance. These savvy attendees asked pointed questions regarding the mechanics of high-yield US private credit and how to open up the market to Asian investors.

In answering these questions, Nelson explored how private markets have been held back by systemic inefficiencies in the past. Specific trends were examined to highlight the need for a new approach:

  • Deals are getting harder to find, and capital is sitting on the sidelines
  • Investors prefer to make direct investments to reduce fees
  • Funds are looking to technology to source more deals

In response to these challenges, Nelson explained how Cadence is building the infrastructure required to support the institutional adoption of digital assets – specifically for private capital markets. In pursuing this endeavor, the company intends to provide specific platform functionality including technology integrations, smart contracts, and interchangeability.

By creating a streamlined private market for the first time, Cadence hopes to cater to leery institutional investors. Based on the attendee response during the conference, Cadence is on to something.

[This archived post was released at a time when Percent was formerly known as Cadence.]

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