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Wall Street Funding Raises Over $20M on Percent’s Private Credit Platform

We are pleased to announce the closing of WSF SMB Financing Sr. 2022-2, the latest Wall Street Funding offering on Percent and the single-largest offering syndicated on the Percent platform to date. With over $20 million invested in this note, this milestone marks over four years of growing market adoption at Percent, as well as the expansion of Wall Street Funding’s business since first joining our platform.

Wall Street Funding first raised $1.5 million on Percent in June of 2019. Since then, the New York-based small and medium-sized business lending company went on to scale their pipeline and deal size with each subsequent offering syndicated on Percent, raising significantly larger sums each time based on strong investor demand.

The original corporate loan offering came about after Wall Street Funding secured an up to $40 million special purpose vehicle (SPV)-based credit facility in December of 2020. Looking to supplement that credit facility with additional capital, Wall Street Funding returned to Percent two more times to raise funding at more favorable rates. With their latest 18th syndicated offering, Wall Street Funding successfully closed a $20,005,000 secured corporate loan, attracting 588 investors with investments ranging from $500 to $3,250,000.

As a global leader in financial infrastructure solutions, Percent can seamlessly integrate into the workflows of borrowers like Wall Street Funding to help scale their debt capital, while providing underwriters tools to more efficiently source, structure, and syndicate debt offerings. Our thousands of accredited investors have allocated over $700 million on the Percent platform into hundreds of private asset-based and corporate loan offerings, all in pursuit of diverse credit opportunities with attractive yields.

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