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  • Potential for up to 20% annualized returns.
  • Diversification through an asset that can be less tied to public market fluctuations.
  • Timelines that fit your investment horizon with deals maturing from 6-36 months.

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What exactly is private credit?

Think of private credit as a way to lend money to small businesses and startups – it’s non-bank lending that includes small business and consumer loans, venture debt, and other forms of private debt. Rising rates offer private credit investors an attractive opportunity for potentially higher yields and risk-adjusted returns. Learn more about private credit.

For Accredited Investors: Percent is an investment platform for accredited investors and institutional investors. To invest in our offerings, you must meet specific income or net worth thresholds established by regulators. Learn more about accredited investor status.

Our Track Record Speaks Volumes

Since 2018, thousands of investors have trusted Percent to discover attractive private credit investment opportunities. Join us and see how private credit can impact your portfolio. See Percent’s full performance.

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$1B+ Capital Invested 600+ Investment Opportunities 18.08% Current WA APY 2.43% Default Rate

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With our advanced platform, you get a deep dive into every deal. Compare opportunities, understand risks, and track performance with ease. Our deals are curated by Percent’s team and trusted underwriters.

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Our proprietary technology gives you access to a wealth of market data on every company and every deal. Compare deals before you invest and track their performance after they close.

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Whether you’re looking to add private credit for a shorter or longer duration, our deals come with varying terms to help you meet your financial goals. Earn up to 20% potential annualized returns with tailored investment options.

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