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Cadence Selected to Present at Object Management Group’s Technical Meeting

This year’s international Object Management Group (OMG) Technical Meeting took place in Amsterdam on June 18-19. OMG Technical Meetings provide IT architects, business analysts, government experts, vendors, and end-users a neutral forum to discuss, develop, and adopt standards that enable software interoperability across a wide range of industries.These events also provide an opportunity for member companies and organizations to discuss OMG technologies and work on new specifications.

This prominent organization continues to shape the direction of global standards and identifiers for instruments, including financial assets. Considering the organization’s industry relevance, Cadence was thrilled to partake in this highly esteemed event.

As one of three blockchain companies invited to speak, Cadence was the only platform with issuances assigned live global identifiers (FIGI) that are live on the Bloomberg Terminal. Elaborating on the company’s current position, Cadence CEO Nelson Chu spoke first on the inner workings of the platform’s securitization mechanism.

The type of investments and assets available on the Cadence platform took center stage. Nelson engaged in an in-depth assessment of why these investment products lend themselves well to being both standardized and normalized. He further specified the characteristics that make their issuances a perfect fit for universal identification.

By emulating existing industry-understood assets like Money Markets, Cadence investment products demonstrate their interoperability and ease of integration with existing institutional workflows. Taking the opportunity to showcase additional functionality and transparency, Nelson used Etherscan, an on-chain ledger of historical transactions, to display the cap table of investors for one of the platform’s investment products.

He went on to display one of the company’s investment offerings on the Bloomberg Terminal. During this portion of the presentation, he further elaborated on the ontology and mapping of each platform-issued security and its appearance on the Bloomberg Terminal.

Following this year’s OMG Technical Meeting, Cadence is eager to continue its work as the leading digital securitization platform for alternative investments. The company intends to spearhead a working group with other market data companies with a mandate to build out the future of global identifiers for digital assets.

[This archived post was released at a time when Percent was formerly known as Cadence.]

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