Cadence Enters into a Strategic Originator Partnership with Arctos Capital

Cadence, a leader in the digital securitization of alternative investments, is partnering with Arctos Capital to expand its offering of investment products.

Cadence is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Arctos Capital. Cadence continues to work with only the highest-quality originators in the specialty finance industry. Through establishing a robust network of top tier originators, Cadence continues to offer investors unique, high-yield investment products and provide growth capital to our originator partners.

Arctos Capital is the general partner of the Arctos Capital Cryptoasset Credit Fund, LP, a private investment partnership actively investing in blockchain-related credit products. Arctos Capital funds loans backed by crypto-related assets and extends credit to leading lending platforms leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrencies in their businesses. These lending platforms face end borrowers that are both consumers and businesses that require capital for everything from paying credit card debt to buying a property. 

This partnership is Cadence’s first with a private credit fund and showcases its versatility in working with a breadth of asset allocators and originators. Prath Reddy, Head of Capital Markets at Cadence, believes that “Arctos Capital is at the leading edge of a new area for specialty finance.” and further added, “This presents Cadence with a unique opportunity to gain exposure to well established blockchain-enabled and crypto-collateralized loans through Arctos Capital’s portfolio of loans extended to best in class originators.”

Arctos Capital’s managing partners have spent a combined 30+ years in financial services, particularly in leasing and secured lending, and also have extensive experience in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Loan demand on the technology-driven platforms Arctos lends to continues to remain very strong and competition is ever-increasing. These platforms need capital to grow their respective origination volumes and Arctos is very well positioned to identify and lend to only the highest quality platforms that meet their robust investment criteria. 

Cadence is excited to work alongside Arctos Capital to continue building an innovative network of originators around its alternative investment platform.

[This archived post was released at a time when Percent was formerly known as Cadence.]

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