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Introducing the New Opportunities Page on the Percent Portal

As Percent continues to grow and add new borrower partners, we heard loud and clear that scrolling through the list of investment opportunities on the Percent Portal wasn’t quite as easy as it once was. Investors often asked for the ability to sift and sort through opportunities more easily and see more on one page, and we are proud to launch an Opportunities page built to help you do just that.

The new Opportunities page on the Percent Portal provides a variety of new filters, making it easier to find opportunities. You can filter by Borrower, Term, Status, or search for an exact investment under the Name field. Instead of seeing everything listed, you only see results based on your specified filters. If you want to search for opportunities by a certain borrower with a specific term, our new filters will help you find it in seconds.

In addition, we added a new table view that displays opportunities and filters in a more compact view, with sortable and customizable columns. We designed this view for investors more comfortable working in spreadsheets, or looking for a wealth of investment data in an easy-to-customize table.

Columns are also sortable by clicking on any column header. Staying true to our mission of providing as much data as possible, you can add and remove columns from your table including description, investment minimum, and maturity date.

opportunities table view

This new Opportunities page is the latest feature we made to accommodate both investors’ needs and our growing roster of borrowers. We are excited to share more new additions to the Percent portal in the coming months, but feel free to reach out to our team if you have any suggestions on future additions to our platform.

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