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Document Signing Made Easy, Now on Percent

When Percent launched, we used HelloSign for document signing purposes related to our investments. As we grew, we continued to use this service while quickly realizing we needed a more scalable solution.

After much feedback, we decided to build our own signing service. This oft-requested feature allows for a smooth and seamless transaction when you make an investment without ever leaving Percent. 

Document signing in action on Cadence

Document signing on Percent is available to all individual investors for all future rollovers and deals. All other investors (including institutions, trusts, and IRAs) will continue to verify through our partner, HelloSign, though we expect to release this feature for everyone in the coming weeks.

How Signing on Percent Works

Instead of waiting for an email invitation to sign from HelloSign, you can now sign your subscription agreements on Percent after you initiate your investment request. When you sign your agreements, they will appear in your profile in Investment Documents under the Resources tab. 

When you're done signing documents, they'll be here in your account.

After a deal is closed and fully subscribed, we will countersign the documents on the backend, and a final countersigned document with your final allocation amount will appear in that same folder. (Please note that requested allocations are not finalized until we countersign and are contingent on availability and demand.)

We look forward to bringing this signing experience to all users in the coming weeks. If you have any questions on how this works, as well as any feedback or feature requests, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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