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A Better Way to Invest, Now on Percent

We are excited to introduce a new way to invest on Percent.

Starting today, all investments on Percent will be made through our new investment page. This lets investors easily request an investment in a deal while also setting a minimum APY and a minimum/maximum desired investment amount.

Going forward, the current Dutch Auction process will be replaced by investment requests that are accepted throughout the funding period. This greatly lessens the risk of being closed out of an opportunity if a deal is fully subscribed.

How Investments Work

When you invest on Percent, you can now request both a desired investment amount and minimum investment amount. Your full desired investment request will be filled as best as possible, but there may be times of excess demand where this will not be possible. In this case, the minimum investment request can be used to ensure an investment is made at an acceptable amount.

This new process allows more investors to proportionally participate in deals that are 9 months or less, while simultaneously allowing investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio in a greater number of deals.*

This also reduces the need for investors to invest as soon as a deal is launched, which means no longer waiting for email alerts. You can invest at any time until funding closes. 

Note: In times of excess demand, setting a higher minimum APY or higher minimum investment amount could increase the chances of your investment to being excluded from a deal.

You can find the new investment page by making your next investment on Percent. Be sure to also read about our latest updates to your Percent portfolio page and how they provide greater insight into your investments.

Have thoughts about Percent’s updated investment process? We’d love your feedback.

* For notes that are greater than 9 months in duration, participation will be capped at 99 investors.

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