Auctions – Week of April 23 Cherry

Available Percent Prime Auctions - Week of 4/23/21

We're excited about this week's Prime offering from Cherry. Check out our Dutch Auction page for a more thorough overview of the program and the process behind it.This auction is exclusively available to existing Prime Investors in CHY1 2021-3.

As Cherry continues to grow, they are coming to market with an add-on offering of $1,245,000. As an existing Prime Cherry investor, you will have priority access to indicate if you'd like to increase your exposure. Although bids are non binding, we do rely on your indications as a guide to build the order book.

Available Auctions:

This auction has been closed.

Please note: The last day we'll accept indications is Monday, April 26th at 8AM ET. 

Here's How it Works

For each offering during the auction period (generally 2-4 days), investors can indicate what amount they would like to invest for each of the specified APYs.


Percent will aggregate these non-binding indications of interest for each APY to estimate how much demand exists at each APY interval for each offering.


At the end of the auction period, Percent will announce the offering as usual, except at the APY with expected sufficient demand to satisfy the target amount to be issued.


If the contemplated transaction is a rollover offering (following a maturity or a call), existing investors will have priority allocations.


If the transaction is not fully subscribed by existing investors or if the transaction is a new offering, only investors that participated during the auction period that provided indications at or below the announced APY will be notified of the offering launch and given priority allocations, as applicable.


Investors that do not provide an indication during the auction period will be able to participate and place an order during the deal syndication if the transaction was not fully subscribed by existing investors and/or investors who participated in the auction.


To keep it simple, let’s say 10 investors have answered the survey with the following indications:

In this example, for a minimum note size of $500,000 the note will require an expected 13.00% APY (and Investor 6’s indication would not be considered). If the minimum note size was $300,000, then the required APY for the note will be 12.00% (and Investor 6 and 10’s indications would not be considered). Alternatively, should the intended note size be $700,000, then the note will require an expected return of 14.00% APY (and all investors would be considered).


CHY Installment Lending Sr. 2021-4

Offering Size: $1.24M |  Duration: 28 months

Rank: Senior | Minimum Investment: $20.00K

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