Alto IRA


We’ve partnered with Alto IRA, a modern provider of IRAs focused on alternative investments. Alto is a low-cost, easy-to-use platform that gives you the ability to participate in Percent's unique offerings, while protecting the tax-advantaged status of your qualified money.

A simpler way to invest in alternatives with your IRA

Historically, investing in alternative assets from an IRA account was a tedious process and often not worth the hassle. However, using modern technology and automation, Alto does away with exorbitant fees and simplifies the process from start to finish.

Choose your Percent investment

Invest in any offering on Percent using tax-advantaged retirement funds. Check out their walk through to see how easy it is to start investing on Percent with Alto IRA. Please note the minimum investment size to invest via Alto IRA is $2,500.

Easy to reinvest your yields

Income generated from your Percent investments can be re-invested in other offerings on our platform or returned to your Alto IRA account.  

Tax-advantaged growth

When your investment comes to term, funds are easily returned to your Alto IRA account and will maintain their tax-advantaged status. Or, you can choose to reinvest in another Percent offering. Simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees associated with investing on Percent through an Alto IRA?

Percent investors can expect a one time investment fee at the time of investment, and a monthly account fee based upon account value. Reinvestments into notes will not incur an additional investment fee. Please check their pricing page for their latest fee schedule.  

Are there penalties for transferring cash from my existing IRA account to Alto?

There are no tax penalties. However, your transferring custodian may choose to charge a transfer fee. Alto does not charge such fees.

How do I begin?

Check out the walkthrough on their website for instructions on how to invest on Percent with an Alto IRA.